Automotive industry

The evolutionary frontier of the four-wheel world is fuel economy. This is achieved by reducing the weight of vehicles, thanks in part to sandwich panels.

With a view to reducing fuel consumption for both the production of higher-performance, more sustainable electric vehicles and conventional cars, the use of lightweight panels helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle.
Cel produces customised shaped panels for the automotive market.
Working for the automotive industry, CEL can supply, subject to verification with the raw material supplier, MDS datasheets if requested by the customer.

Lightweight but strong armouring

Safety is an essential element in the automotive sector. 
Sandwich panels combined with high-performance fabrics such as Kevlar and carbon fiber, thanks to their shock-absorbing capacity, can be applied in armoured cars to offer protection in the event of assaults and shootings. 

CEL panels can also be used in military vehicles to protect electrical equipment. Polypropylene combines lightness with good thermal insulation properties.

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Safety devices and shock absorbers

Honeycomb is an excellent material for absorbing kinetic energy. Its uses are multiple

  • in safety accessories, such as back protectors or motorbike suits;
  • as shock absorbers positioned at the front of the vehicle, useful if the vehicle suffers an impact;
  • in crash tests on crash dummies.

CEL offers aluminium honeycombs in different sizes, densities and cells diameters, as well as custom-designed boxes.

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RVs, motorhomes and any home on wheels

Sandwich panels, available in a variety of materials, are used in the outfitting of imposing motorhomes and luxury motorhomes, which need to combine rigidity, lightness and safety.

CEL offers services such as shaping, edging and insertion of the panels themselves, to produce elements as finished and ready for assembly as possible.

Underbody and footboards of vehicles

CEL panels are also supplied to the automotive industry for use as underbody of cars, both racing and utility vehicles. The panels can absorb debris while protecting the passenger compartment.

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