Clima-acoustic panels

Sandwich panels are used for both ceilings and walls in commercial and industrial buildings to provide thermal and acoustic insulation.

They are very efficient in maintaining a constant temperature inside the building while reducing energy costs and creating a quieter environment. Ideal as a suspended ceiling, sandwich panels are very light and rigid, making them easy to hang or fix to the ceiling. The size of the products allows them to cover large areas such as airports or stations.

CEL also supplies panels for exteriors, such as canopy roofs for stations and public places.
Clima-acoustic panels are specially designed to address health, noise, weight and ventilation issues. They improve acoustics by absorbing certain frequencies and decreasing reverberation in rooms. With rigid, impressively light panels up to 2m wide and 6m long, CEL offers aluminium as a solution for sound absorption and climate control.
Perforations on both sides mean that the panels can be used as part of an air-conditioning system that absorbs sound waves, allowing the passage of evenly distributed hot/cold air.
Lightness, rigidity and variable dimensions are 3 winning aspects that make this perforated panel ideal in situations with special requirements in terms of space, weight and acoustics.


LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: The above data are to the best of our knowledge correct and are intended to give information about our products and their potential applications. No warranty is given or implied in respect of certain properties of the products or their suitability for a particular application. We reserve the right for technical changes without further notice. We guarantee impeccable product quality under our terms of sale.

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